Untitled Poem:

When i was at a very dark point recently, i wrote this:


4 days shut in my mind

4 days – the longest – yet to find

The reason behind the sadness

Why does my brain let the darkness



Will it get better today?

Will work keep it at bay?

My stomach growls

My heart howls

For happiness


The light shines bright

Just for a moment brilliant

Then the dreaded thorn

Digs its claws in grasping



Success as it draws me back inside

A frightful slide

Into the blackness

A simple word – a simple phrase

An utterance


“Not Impressed” it says

In black and white and a whizz

Goes around in my head

How dare they – do they not see

They are hurting me?


A dagger into my heart

Gripping and gasping

For air – for life

Rejection clear


5 days go by no more clearer

But with a flurry it becomes nearer

The time where I choose

Between life or a bruise



2 thoughts on “Untitled Poem:

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